Home Visits

One crucial key to successful teaching and learning is creating personal connections with students both inside and outside of school. Knowing the students’ outside interests, families, and home routines, and then using this information to connect in meaningful ways can have huge rewards in helping to construct happier, healthier, and smarter kids.
At Horizon Science Academy, teachers see their work as educating the whole student, rather than as merely delivering facts. To educate effectively, teachers must reach out to students’ families in ways not traditionally imagined and help bridge the ever-widening gap between home and school, so that students realize they are known, cared about, and expected to achieve.
To this effect, Horizon Science Academy has initiated the “Home Visit” program which basically requires at least two teachers visiting the student and parent(s) at their home. During the visit, teachers will brief the parent about student’s progress and may discuss specific needs of the student.
Expect to receive a call anytime for an appointment…