State Testing Schedule & Additional Resources

Let's rock the test!

Horizon Science Academy staff is working hard to make sure all of our students are prepared for this year’s AIR State Testing. Testing begins April 2 and will continue until April 10. April 2 – 5 will be a half-day for all students. Students will be released at 12:18 pm. This half-day will give students time to better prepare for the next day’s testing. 

Student Testing Incentives

Grades K-12: Dress down on April 12 if the student has perfect attendance during all tests

Grades 3-8: Dress down every Thursday if the student goes up 1 level from their previous score

Grade 9: Achieve 6 points total

Grade 10: Achieve 15 points total

Grade 11: Achieve 18 points total

What is the State Testing Schedule?

All students will be dismissed at 12:18 on the following testing days

April 2 & 3 | English test, grades 3-11

April 4 & 5 | Math test, grades 3-10


Students will have a full day of classes on the following testing day

April 8 & 9 | Science test, grades 5, 8, & 10

April 4 & 5 | Social Studies, grades 10 & 11

How Do I Help My Student Succeed?

1. Read out loud with your student. You can help them increase their reading comprehension by asking questions about what you read.

2. Ask your student what they struggle with in math and watch videos to help learn the concepts.

3. Try some test questions at home —  just a couple a night will help them practice!

4. Access school provided resources such as MobyMax and Study Island.


Additional Resources

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Mathematics Resources

Khan Academy

Practice Test Resources

Ohio AIR Test Practice Questions

Moby Max

Study Island


Why is the Test Important?

1. Standardized testing is a form of testing that is created, administered, and scored in the same way for all students in order to obtain an objective picture of student, teacher, school, and district performance.

2. It is a great way to challenge students and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

3. The better students do on these tests, the more resources we can get for our school.