Science = Art


Written by Mr. Nick McClellan, Community Engagement Coordinator | January 30, 2019

Wanda, Mr. McClellan’s cat.

Through science, humans try to describe the world around us. Through art, humans do the same thing. In poetry, for example, we use devices like metaphor to compare abstract ideas to more concrete things. 

For example, If I really liked cats, I might say, “My cat Wanda is my vitamin C; she keeps me well.” Through a poetic device, a metaphor, I can quickly explain an aspect of my world.

The same goes for science. With an understanding of math and science fundamentals, a person can use these tools to help them explain the how the world works. 

So it makes sense that Concept Schools, our management company, would decide to host a design contest for the Concept Schools Science and Engineering Fair (CONSEF).

The mission of the Concept Science & Engineering Fair is to increase public awareness in science, math and engineering. Concept Schools believe that every school has the potential to shine in science, math, and engineering; therefore, they encourage every student to share research/project summaries through this unique platform. All students (5th -12th grades) from public, private, charter, or even from home schools are welcome to attend and compete.

Each year, CONSEF also features a design contest with a particular theme. This year’s theme is “GO GREEN.” 

Two middle-school students from HSAT were given high honors out of numerous entries from 30 schools in the Midwest. In the Junior Category, Dre’veon Hutcherson took 3rd place while Alayjha Walker received honorable mention. HSAT staff and administration would like to congratulate these students on their success!

Alayjha Walker, middle school student, award winning CONSEF 2019 design.
Dre’Veon Hutcherson, middle school student, award winning CONSEF 2019 design.