Jagbots 6450 Robotics Team competes in Pennsylvania

Robotics team learns from setbacks 

The Jagbots FTC 6450 Robotics team picks up a “mineral” as part of the “Rover Ruckus” Challenge.

The Jagbots recently went out of state to showcase Horizon’s STEM opportunities at a recent First Tech Challenge Robotics competition in Pennsylvania.

On January 6, 2019, our Jagbots Robotics team competed in the Maroon and White Qualifier in Oxford, Pennsylvania. This year’s challenge is entitled, “Rover Ruckus” and requires teams to build a robot that will self-grapple and collect “minerals” to score in designated scoring areas. The team has been preparing for months for this exciting chance to compete with other teams from numerous eastern states including New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

JAGBOTS FTC 6450 demonstrates their robot performing the "Rover Ruckus" challenge.

During the first match, our Jagbots started strong, yet quickly encountered some technical glitches. “The mechanism that was failing, which was designed to collect and score the “mineral,” was a most recent addition to the robot,” said Dakota Hatch, team captain, “We didn’t have much time to test our new design.”

Ultimately, the team ranked 15 out of 23 competing teams. Dakota said, “While we didn’t place during this competition, we are thrilled to redesign and test some of our mechanisms in order to place higher in the next competition. Our Jaguar Family is so proud of our Jagbots, win or lose. Thank you to all coaches and team members for representing Horizon Science Academy Toledo and Concept Schools.

Horizon Science Academy Toledo is K-12, tuition free, college preparatory public charter school specializing in STEM education and is managed by Concept Schools.