Inspiring future female engineers

5th graders visit UT for annual “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”

Written by Mr. Nick McClellan, Community Engagement Coordinator | March 3, 2019

The University of Toledo brought engineering to life for our 5th grade students at this year’s “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.”

The theme of this year’s events was “Inspiring Wonder.” Our 5th grade Jaguars visited UT’s engineering facilities and had lunch with College of Engineering students and professional engineers. 

A panel of professional engineers fielded questions from the 5th through 8th grade girls in attendance. After being asked what her least favorite part of being an engineer was, one of the panelists replied, “The lack of more female representation.”

And it’s true. Women, according to the US Department of Commerce, make up only 14% of practicing engineers nationwide. Programs such as Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (sponsored by the National Society of Professional Engineers) helps focus a growing movement to inspire future female engineers. 

University of Toledo College of Engineering Professor demonstrates liquefaction, phenomenon in which the strength and stiffness of a soil is reduced by earthquake shaking or other rapid loading.

5th graders finished the day enjoying hands-on activities including a “diving board” challenge in which students competed to construct the strongest support arm. Students also constructed “magic” light-up wands using popsicle sticks and conductive tape.

Thank you to The University of Toledo College of Engineering for hosting this event and inspiring our young Jaguars to explore the possibilities in an engineering career.