History comes to life

Black History Month Living Wax Museum

Written by Mr. Nick McClellan, Community Engagement Coordinator | March 3, 2019

Imagine you had a chance to meet one of your idols from history — a great leader, an inventor, a writer, a musician, an artist, a sports hero, an actor, a rebel or a revolutionary — what would you ask him or her? What would you want to know? Now imagine that you had the opportunity to become that historical figure and share your ideas and experiences with our Jaguar Family. Who would you want to be?

In January each year, 3rd grade student prepare for the Black History Month Living Wax Museum. Though the Wax Museum has been part of the 3rd grade experience for almost a decade, this year the project has evolved to become more interactive in order to better align with 21st century skills such as adapting information to a particular audience, thinking on one’s feet and developing one’s interpersonal skills.

From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Oprah Winfrey, students demonstrated strong research and presentation skills. 

“Each year, this program just keeps getting better and better,” said Ms. Winninger, 3rd grade teacher. “I’m very proud of our 3rd graders and all of their hard work.”

Young or old, everyone comes away having learned something about the historical figures, about poise under pressure and about how much our students can accomplish when we hand them the reigns of their education.