College Guidance Office

School Counseling Services are available in grades 9 through 12. There are full-time counselors in the Counselor Office to assist students with their academic, career, college, and personal-social interests and concerns.
All students are welcome to come to the College Guidance Office to ask questions or to explore its contents:.
  • Graduation Requirements
  • 4 years to do list                                                                                                                                                    capture
  • ACT testing dates and general information
  • Scholarship Resources
  • School Profile
  • FAFSA General Information
  • College Trips 
  • Guest speakers 
  • Acceptances
  • Total amount of scholarships                                                              
  • Alumni information
  • College Search 
  • Career survey 11unnamed
  • Career information 
  • Common Application info
  • College Credit Plus
  • Community Service Hours

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