Alumni Day

HSAT’s College Counseling Department has initiated The College Spirit Week event for the first time in its history. It is strongly believed by the school administration, staff members and families that the event will help the students to understand the importance of pursuing a college education and beyond.

The first day of the College Spirit Week has kicked off with an Alumni Panel on Monday, February 13th.  With the cooperation of Concept Alumni Network of Toledo, the panel has been successfully held at HSAT. The Alumni have started the day with a warm welcoming and breakfast. The HSAT Robotics team made the presentation during the breakfast and then the Alumni were given a short school tour by student ambassadors. Then one-hour panel was held at cafeteria. Seniors and juniors have asked several of questions to graduate students of HSAT. Alumni Panelists Ariana Streeter (2012), Brione Walker (2013), Mariah Brock (2014), Darius Harmon (2016) and Trevor Weills have shared their college and after college experiences with the students and tried to address college-related questions and concerns during the panel.